Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Say Hello to my new cat!

There is a very sad story to this kitten and I thought it'd be a nice to share this story with all of you. This is a kitten that was found abandoned behind a slaughter house. Yes, I said a slaughter house. She was only a baby kitten. The previous owner had told me that she was about a few weeks old and was meowing behind the building. Him and his nieces decided to taker her in because no one was there to take care of her. They had her for about half a year and has grown a large amount of affection towards her. But they had to give her away because of the allergies it's been causing. It was so bad that even someone had to rush to the hospital. After a while, they decided give it away or if not, leave it on the streets. Funny thing is, I didn't know all this until I came home and my sister introduced me to her because she knew that I've been wanting a cat for my home. At first, the owner had met with my sister knowing that she owns two cats(Momo and Epona). Sad thing is, she couldn't have any more pets in her house. :( She told me the story and I happen actually meet with the owner this morning to talk about her. She's healthy, plays well and likes dogs. She's a BEAUTIFUL cat with long black/white hair and a pale face. She likes to play with my canopy and has BEAUTIFUL Avatar eyes! She is about 5 pounds and half a year old. I am definitely dedicated to taking this cat in and treating her like any other guest. :) Of all most, she is more welcome to live in our home. ;)


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