Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PLEASE READ!! Why I've been gone!?

Hello Youtubers and followers! So if you guys haven't noticed, I have been gone for almost 2 weeks now and have not uploaded a new tutorial yet. A few of you may know that recently, I've been having "bed bugs". If you do not know what bed bugs are, they are parasites living in your mattresses and in your bed most likely. They come from gutters and from contacting with others-most likely, you'll get them from traveling or from hotels, baggages and etc. This is a common situation so it's okay, I'm not the only one. I did NOT want to film with my skin looking this way. Once you get bed bugs, you'll have rashes all over your body; it is very similar to mosquito bites. It took about two weeks for some to go away so I don't know how long until I start posting more. All I know is, I am for sure going to keep you guys updated with what I will be doing. School also starts in two weeks and I plan on making a video before that. Thanks for reading guys!

Pictures of my rashes(bed bug rashes):

I actually started having them before I stopped making videos.....see?



  1. ohh nooo that sucks :( hopefully its not on your face! get well soon!

  2. Oh no :( Hope they're permanently gone soon... since they're no fun!

  3. omg i work at a retirement home and there have been so many cases of bed bugs :[ ive gotten bit but luckily havent brought it home, ive been careful with that!

    hope it gets better soon!

  4. Oh God bedbug bites are the worst! I had it the last time and it lasted for weeks! Horrific...I hope you get well soon.