Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Urgh! How can this get any worst!?

So my camera was working just fine Saturday night(When I uploaded my newest video) and for some reason it wasn't working the whole night or since then either. I took it to Best Buy today and GEEK SQUAD told me that it would take $200 to fix it. It's $50 more than what I paid for. Honestly, what a rip off! Don't go to GEEK SQUAD to fix your electronics UNLESS you have warranty on it. Sadly, we paid cash-not with credit card so they were not able to fix it for free. Does anybody know a good place nationwide where they fix it for a good price? I need my camera fixed so I can start making videos again. Gosh, just so much things happening at once. All is too much to handle at the moment. Any advice? If so, comment below!!


  1. Honestly, you're better off buying a new camera instead of trying to get it fixed. Most of the time, the cost of fixing a camera is more than the camera itself.

  2. True. But everythings fine now. I got a new one. ;)

  3. Go to smaller electronic fixing places. I went to geek squad to have my computer fixed, and they told me that it was going to cost $600 to $900. I looked for local electronic fixing store, and it was $150! :)